New Mexico State Parks

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is loosening some of the states COVID-19 restrictions, including the reopening of state parks to non-residents. KSUT’s Sarah Flower has more.

Colorado is giving away free electric bicycles. The program is one piece of the state’s plans to confront climate change.

As Colorado Public Radio’s Sam Brasch reports, the e-bikes are an early attempt to get people out of their cars and help lower-income Coloradans.

The Cherokee Nation's Supreme Court ruled this week to remove the words "by blood" from its constitution and other legal doctrines.

The words, added to the constitution in 2007, have been used to exclude Black people whose ancestors were enslaved by the tribe from obtaining full Cherokee Nation citizenship rights.

In Colorado, It’s a Race Between COVID-19 Variants And The COVID Vaccine

Feb 24, 2021
Colorado Public Radio

Colorado is headed in the right direction — but the COVID variants are worrisome.

Durango Herald

KSUT and the Durango Herald are partnering on a series of four focus areas with topics impacting Durango and the region.  FOCUS 2021 commentaries will air on KSUT on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 and will be posted at, and shared on KSUT and the Durango Herald's Facebook pages. 

Here's Hollis Walker, opinion editor of the Durango Herald, with the fifth commentary in the series FOCUS 2021, Healing The Rift, "Our View - Let's abandon our silos for connection":


William Wooddell for the Ark Valley Voice

How one Colorado county prioritized in-person learning in the face of COVID-19, while protecting its tourism-based economy.

President Joe Biden's historic pick to manage the nation's public lands and natural resources promised to strike a balance between fossil fuel and renewable energy development during her confirmation hearing, Tuesday.

Congresswoman Deb Haaland would be not just the first Native American Interior Secretary, but also the first in a presidential cabinet. She faced tough — and, at times, misguided — questioning from Republican lawmakers worried about the president's climate goals.

KSUT's 90.1 FM Back on the Air

Feb 22, 2021
Rob Rawls

KSUT is back on the air at 90.1 FM! Power is somewhat reduced for the time being, but should not affect most listeners.

KSUT's Rob Rawls and technician John Santistevan from Visionary Broadband were able to successfully repair the damaged antenna feedline. We'll be looking at a more permanent solution this summer. Thanks again to our 90.1 listeners for their patience.


You have to go back more than a century to find another time Coloradans faced a statewide crisis as big and deadly as the current COVID-19 pandemic. But experts who studied the state’s response to the Spanish flu of 1918 say history is not repeating itself when it comes to how state lawmakers are responding to the latest outbreak.

Today, visitors to the Capitol building must wear masks and have their temperatures taken, and lawmakers sit between plexiglass dividers.

The Bureau of Land Management oversees hundreds of millions of acres of public lands, with multiple uses from recreation to oil and gas drilling.


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