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The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the Navajo Nation particularly hard. As of Sunday, April 5th, more than 300 tribal members have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and more than a dozen have died. Health officials are bracing for more cases, even as much-needed supplies are starting to arrive. KSUT's Mark Duggan reports:

It's been a week since KSUT's Sarah Flower first spoke with Liane Jollon, Executive Director of San Juan Basin Public Health about COVID-19 testing in La Plata and Archuleta Counties. A lot has happened since then. The two caught up on Sunday, April 5th with this update. Sarah Flower reports: 

A good part of Percy Deal's day is spent hauling water for his family and livestock in two 55-gallon barrels. So when he heard on the radio how often and for how long he was supposed to wash his hands to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, he was overwhelmed.

"I mean that's like a gallon and a half or so," Deal says. "For me, I'm using the same water at least three or four times. I use the same water for cooking. I use the same water for cleaning up. So I can't be washing my hands that many times."

One of the most profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the toll on our mental health. As KSUT's Mark Duggan reports, there are several ways to make isolation a little easier:

Area businesses will have the opportunity to apply for small business loans (SBA) for paycheck protection due to the coronavirus, starting April 3rd. KSUT’s Sarah Flower visits with business leaders from Durango and Farmington for their opinions:

Mark Duggan/KSUT

Health officials in Montezuma County are preparing for an increase in confirmed cases of the COVID-19 infection. That includes ramping up testing, making room for more patients, and rallying the community to help. KSUT's Mark Duggan spoke with county health director Bobbi Lock to get the latest:

Durango resident Sarah Sumner tested positive for COVID-19 just a few weeks ago. She went viral on social media when she told her story. Sumner shared her journey with KSUT's Sarah Flower:

As positive test results for COVID-19 are flaring up in almost every region of the Four Corners, so is community concern for accessibility to testing.

KSUT’s Sarah Flower speaks with San Juan Basin Public Health's Liane Jollon: 


Colorado’s Governor Jared Polis speaks with KSUT’s Sarah Flower on COVID-19 and how the state is taking charge of this virus:

The Navajo Nation reported its first two coronavirus cases on March 17. Just over a week later, there are now 69 cases. The reservation is under stay-at-home orders — but thousands of people must regularly leave their houses for necessities such as water.



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