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If the World War II Japanese concenration camp site gets historic desgination, the National Park Service would take over management. There is support for the move from people who were imprisoned there and their descendants.

The Chinook Indian Nation has about 3,000 members who mostly live near the mouth of the Columbia River in southwest Washington. But they're not on the list of federally recognized tribes — so they get nothing from the Indian Health Service.

"We have all the problems of Indian Country, but no means of dealing with it," Chinook chair Tony Johnson says. Without recognition, they get no reservation, no housing allowance, no clinics.

And, during the pandemic, no federal recognition has meant no testing supplies or vaccine allocations.

Eight states are experimenting with cloud seeding to try to create more precipitation to mitigate the effects of the drought that is gripping much of the western U.S. But how well does it work?

Host Peter O’Dowd talks to Chelsea Harvey, who covers climate science for E&E News, about the technology behind cloud seeding and whether it’s effective.


This is FRESH AIR. I'm Dave Davies, in for Terry Gross. Our guest today is author Louise Erdrich. In a career going back to the 1970s, she's published 17 novels and more than 30 books in all, including children's literature, poetry and nonfiction. She won the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction twice.

Jorge Quinoa

Best known for his seminal work with the Jayhawks, Gary Louris is one of the most acclaimed musicians to come out of Minnesota's teeming rock scene.  He'll be releasing his 2nd solo album, Jump for Joy, in June. Along with keeping the Jayhawks flame burning, Louris is busier than ever, writing, performing, producing and exploring collaborative opportunities.

We're thrilled to have Gary join Susie B for a live in-studio zoom session, Friday 4/16 at 1:06 PM. 

Ebru Yildiz

Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Amy  Helm will join KSUT via Zoom, Friday, April 16 at 10 AM for some live music and conversation with Jim Belcher. Amy's third album What the Flood Leaves Behind, due June 18th, is her most autobiographical yet, both in content and creation. She had returned to Woodstock's Levon Helm Studios just before the pandemic to start recording. Tune-in for her interview to learn more. 

Shina Novalinga is one of a handful of singers from her Indigenous tribe shifting the social media spotlight to Inuit throat singers in Canada.

Side Pony

Americana artists Caitlin Cannon and Alice Wallace  have decided to take their shared love for a heartbreaking hook and punchy turn of phrase and form their own band. That band is Side Pony, and KSUT is excited to host them for a live in-studio zoom session, Thursday 4/15, at 2:30 PM with Chris Aaland.

Tim O'Brien/Jan Fabricius

Grammy winning singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tim O'Brien and vocalist Jan Fabricius will visit KSUT from Nashville via Zoom, Thursday, April 15 at 1:30 PM for some live music and conversation with Chris Aaland. Tim has a new CD due out this spring.

It's KSUT's annual spring membership drive and 45th Anniversary. We really miss having live music at the station and the zoom sessions this week have been so great. 

State lawmakers from Boulder are vowing to pursue "aggressive" and "meaningful" legislation in response to last month’s shooting that left 10 people dead. But their early calls for an assault weapons ban — and waiting periods for gun purchases — are stirring up a lot of emotions around the state.

A gun-owning Democrat who leads horseback adventures in San Miguel County is torn over the idea of an assault weapons ban.

A former corrections officer living in Cortez says lawmakers should focus on strengthening laws already on the books.


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