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Health & Science

  • The continued death toll from COVID led to another drop in life expectancy in 2021.
    Scott Olson
    Getty Images
    U.S. life expectancy was already lower than other high-income nations and the gap was widening before 2019. Since then, things have gotten worse. New research found that in 2020, life expectancies here dropped disproportionately for marginalized, racialized populations. Especially for Native American and Alaska Native groups
  •  A park ranger talks to a visitor at an outdoor information station at Glacier National Park's Logan Pass Visitor Center.
    Glacier National Park
    Glacier National Park has re-instituted a mask mandate inside federal buildings, like visitor centers. Officials there say they’re following National Park Service and Interior Department guidance. That is, when the CDC reports a high level of COVID-19 community spread around a park, officials re-institute an indoor mask mandate. Other national parks could bring back mask requirements, too, if rates increase around the West.