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Environment & Climate

  •  A compost dumpster at the back of the Boulder Valley School District’s Central Kitchen is filled with Colorado grown peaches.
    Sam Fuqua
    The push to compost as much food waste as possible in Boulder County suffered a setback earlier this year. The largest composting facility on the Front Range started turning away truckloads of food waste due to contamination. Some of those trucks were carrying food from school cafeterias, including from the Boulder Valley School District.
  •  Lee's Ferry, pictured here, serves as the point where negotiators of the Colorado River Compact divided the river into two basins.
    Luke Runyon
    The Colorado River's foundational agreement is 100 years old this month. And while the document among seven western states was groundbreaking for its time, it's currently left the southwest to grapple with a massive gap between water supply and demand.