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Sister Helen Prejean on her 30-year mission to end capital punishment by making it "visible"

Sister Helen Prejean
Scott Langley Photography
Sister Helen Prejean

Sister Helen Prejean is known worldwide for her outspoken opposition to the death penalty.

Over three decades, she's worked to increase a national dialogue on capital punishment and to shape the Catholic Church's vigorous opposition to execution.

She's the author of three books, including Dead Man Walking: The Eyewitness Account Of The Death Penalty That Sparked a National Debate. It became a bestseller and an Academy Award-winning movie.

We spoke to Prejean about her continuing involvement in work to abolish the death penalty.

Interview topics include:

  • Ending capital punishment in Colorado in 2020.
  • The role race and poverty play in the quality of legal defense.
  • How making the death penalty "visible," as she says, is a way to shift public opinion.

Listen to the interview to hear more.

Tami is the Executive Director of KSUT Public Radio. She is a fifth-generation Coloradoan and has lived in Southwest Colorado since 1984.
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