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Finishing Touches, New Acoustic Panels Installed at KSUT Studios

KSUT Board President Robert Ortiz and Executive Director Tami Graham in the new studios.

KSUT Executive Director Tami Graham showed Board President Robert Ortiz the new acoustic panels recently installed in the Eddie Box, Jr. Media Center.

"This finishing touch will help eliminate ambient noise and echoes and enhance sound quality. We were accustomed to ancient carpeting on the walls in our old home, so the upgrade looks and sounds great," said Graham. The panels are also decorative, and the teal color often used in KSUT designs matches the latest station masks, (worn be Robert and Tami above).

The final remaining tasks to be completed in KSUT's new home are the wiring of the live performance studio and its sound engineering booth, which will enable us to continue offering KSUT Sessions, world-class live in-studio performanes, a long-standing station tradition.

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