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KSUT is ceasing activity on Twitter after NPR is falsely labeled as ‘state-affiliated media'

A statement from KSUT Executive Director Tami Graham

Dear KSUT Friends,

Recently, Twitter labeled NPR’s official Twitter account as “state-affiliated media,” a designation usually given to government-controlled media outlets. Twitter later changed that label to “government-funded media.” Both labels are inaccurate, as I will explain in a moment.

On April 12, NPR announced that its organizational accounts would no longer be active on Twitter because the platform is taking actions that undermine NPR’s credibility by falsely implying that NPR is not editorially independent.

Independent journalism is one of KSUT’s core services to the Four Corners region. While KSUT operates separately from NPR, NPR is a valued provider of high-quality journalism and programming for our audience. We have every confidence in NPR’s editorial integrity and independence. We are deeply concerned about the potential of Twitter’s inaccurate labels to cast doubt on that editorial integrity. While KSUT’s Twitter account has not been labeled, KSUT has decided to suspend Twitter activity for the foreseeable future.

We remain as committed as ever to connecting with our audiences across the Four Corners on multiple platforms. You can always find our trustworthy journalism and compelling programming on our various frequencies and at KSUT.org, TribalRadio.org, Facebook, and Instagram.

Facts about NPR’s funding and independence

NPR (National Public Radio) is a non-profit media organization that produces and distributes news and cultural programming to a network of over 1,000 public radio stations in the United States.

The U.S. government does not directly fund NPR. However, it does receive some funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), a non-profit corporation created by Congress in 1967 to promote public broadcasting. This funding only accounts for a tiny portion of NPR’s total budget, and NPR is required by law to maintain editorial independence from the CPB and any other government entity.

NPR is governed by a board of directors, composed of NPR member station managers, journalists, and representatives from the public, who oversee the organization’s operations and make strategic decisions. This board ensures that NPR adheres to its mission of providing high-quality, independent journalism and programming.

Finally, NPR’s editorial independence is further protected by its code of ethics, which outlines the principles and standards that guide its reporting and programming. NPR journalists are expected to maintain their independence and are not subject to editorial direction or pressure from outside sources.

NPR’s funding sources, governance structure, and commitment to editorial independence all provide evidence that NPR is not state-run media but rather an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality journalism and programming to the public.

Facts about KSUT’s funding and independence

KSUT is proud to provide NPR’s high-quality programming to our audiences in the Four Corners. KSUT is a 501c3 non-profit organization governed by an independent board of directors. KSUT has complete editorial control over the programming we provide to our audience.

Like NPR, KSUT adheres to a robust set of editorial integrity and ethics guidelines, guaranteeing our journalists’ editorial independence from outside forces.

Like NPR, KSUT receives a small amount of funding from CPB, but this funding makes up approximately 10% of KSUT’s overall budget. By contrast, support from individuals and businesses in our region and grants and revenue from our festivals and events make up nearly 90% of our budget. This further underscores KSUT’s independence in that we are primarily reliant on and accountable to the communities we serve.

KSUT does not receive any funding from NPR. On the contrary, we pay NPR just under $100,000 annually for programs we air. We do the same with American Public Media, BBC, and other national program distributors.

The KSUT Board of Directors governs the station. It comprises members of the Four Corners community who volunteer their time to provide strategic and fiduciary guidance to the organization. KSUT and NPR are subject to various regulations and guidelines regarding their use of public airwaves, including limitations disallowing any income from political campaigns. For example, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all broadcasters to operate in the public interest and to provide a certain amount of programming that meets specific educational and cultural standards.

KSUT is a community-supported public broadcasting organization dedicated to serving the multicultural community of the Four Corners by providing diverse and eclectic entertainment, education, news, community, and public information services while promoting multicultural awareness and understanding.

Thank you for being part of the KSUT family. Please email me with any questions or concerns at tami@ksut.org.


Tami Graham
KSUT Executive Director

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Tami is the Executive Director of KSUT Public Radio. She is a fifth-generation Coloradoan and has lived in Southwest Colorado since 1984.
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