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KSUT and KSJD partner for a grant-funded news project 'Voices From the Edge of the Colorado Plateau'

Tower on canyon edge at Hovenweep National Monument
Mark Duggan
Hovenweep National Monument on the Colorado Plateau

KSUT is proud to announce that we've partnered with our neighbor, KSJD Community Radio in Cortez, for a news reporting project. It's the first collaboration of its kind among the two stations.

The project will be called Voices from the Edge of the Colorado Plateau. Here, on the eastern edge of the vast plateau, we'll seek to elevate voices from underserved communities. The multi-year project will cover Native, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities across southwest Colorado.

KSUT and KSJD will hire a shared full-time news reporter to develop and produce citizen-driven enterprise journalism. The stations will share story editing duties.

We hope to bring you the first stories from this project in the next few months.

KSUT is thrilled with this opportunity to partner with KSJD in expanding our local and regional news, with a focus on elevating underheard voices in our region.
Tami Graham, KSUT Executive Director
Our reporting goals at KSJD have always included amplifying underrepresented voices, and we are really excited to collaborate with KSUT on this project to better achieve that goal.
Wynn Jones, KSJD Executive Director

Voices from the Edge of the Colorado Plateau is one of six collaborative projects receiving $1 million from the Colorado Media Project to strengthen and advance equity in local news.

Read the CMP's official announcement to learn more about the grants.

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