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KSUT Conversation: Grant Wilson of the Earth Law Center on making nature the core of our legal system

Earth Law Center's Future Earth Leaders in Durango.
Grant Wilson
Earth Law Center's Future Earth Leaders in Durango.

The Durango-based Earth Law Center is working in more than 20 countries and with Indigenous partners across the U.S. to pass laws that give nature a voice in the legal system.

According to center director Grant Wilson:

"The Earth Law Center works to advance a new generation of earth-centered laws, including those give nature rights, that create guardianship bodies that speak, legally, for nature or future generations, and that otherwise innovate the law to put nature at the core of our legal system. That's very different than the status quo, which traditionally treats nature as property or a resource, at least in Euro-centric legal frameworks."

Wilson recently explained the center's work as part of our ongoing series of KSUT Conversations.

Tami is the Executive Director of KSUT Public Radio. She is a fifth-generation Coloradoan and has lived in Southwest Colorado since 1984.
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