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From tragic history to mountain bike park, Coal Basin continues to evolve — and surprise

 Bikers on the trail network at Coal Basin Ranch
Trina Ortega/Courtesy photo
Bikers on the trail network at Coal Basin Ranch

Coal Basin, on Colorado's Western Slope, was the site of a series of 20th Century mining disasters. Now, a privately-owned parcel surrounded by National Forest land provides free public access to custom-designed mountain bike trails. For Rocky Mountain Community Radio, KDNK's Morgan Neely says the trails offer more than recreation — they're meant to mitigate the environmental destruction left behind by the mine's operators.

This series is part of a collaboration between stations of the Rocky Mountain Community Radio coalition. Reports will highlight the transition from fossil fuels across the Mountain West. Listen throughoutthe winter and spring of 2022 for more stories from our partner stations, including KSUT.

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Morgan Troy Neely
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