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KSUT staff attended the annual Rocky Mountain Community Radio conference. Here's why it should matter to you

Mark Duggan
Keynote remarks on the future of community and public radio from NFCB President Sally Kane.

KSUT Executive Director Tami Graham, Four Corners Public Radio Station Manager Ken Brott, Content Manager Mark Duggan, and Membership Manager Jill Davis traveled to Crested Butte, Colorado the week of November 8 to attend the conference.

The event is presented by the Rocky Mountain Community Radio coalition, of which KSUT is a member. A different member station hosts the conference each year. KBUT Community Radio organized this year's happening.

Ken Brott
A content session at the RMCR conference featuring Colorado Capitol Coverage reporter Scott Franz and Editor Brian Larsen.

About 50 staff participants from stations in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming gathered at the Crested Butte Arts Center for two days of strategic sessions and fellowship. We participated in workshops with NPR editors and talked about collaboration with Scott Franz and the editors of Colorado Capitol Coverage.

Why are we telling you this?

Part of the mission of the coalition is to provide thoughtful journalism about the communities in which we live, work, and even visit in our travels. On KSUT, we regularly air and publish stories from RMCR member stations around the region. The recent affordable housing series is an example of that - check out the collection here.

We think we can do more, however. We believe we're called in this unique and chaotic time to create and amplify stories that ground us in home. And in meaning.

You'll hear and see more of those stories soon.

Now more than ever, public radio is an instrument of democracy. Thank you for supporting it.

Thank you to the KBUT Community Radio staff for organizing and hosting this year's RMCR conference: Kelley Dole, Chris Biddle, Tyler Lucas, Alec Lindeman, and Jackson Petito.

One of the bravest things we can do with the amplification superpowers we possess is to move people to tears and laughter - those are the surest signs of hitting our mark in terms of Resonance and Relevance. Those two R words make a magic key that unlocks meaning - which is the holy grail of human questing.
Sally Kane, President, National Federation of Community Broadcasters (speaking to the 2021 RMCR Conference)

Selected photos from the 2021 Rocky Mountain Community Radio Conference

Mark Duggan
At the 2021 Rocky Mountain Community Radio coalition conference in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Ken Brott
Crested Butte-based storyteller and former radio announcer Marci Telander engages station reporters. Her presentation was focused on local storytelling and community connection.
Mark Duggan
National Federation of Community Broadcasters President Sally Kane (L) and RMCR Board President Kelley Dole, delivering keynote remarks at this year's conference in Crested Butte, Colorado.
Mark Duggan
Looking north from the Crested Butte Arts Center toward the Elk Mountains.
Tami Graham
Three executive directors from western Colorado radio stations share a moment together. (L-R) Ashley Krest of KVNF, Wynn Jones of KSJD, and Tami Graham of KSUT.
Ken Brott

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