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Mutlu Is 'Livin' It'

In recent months, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Mutlu has begun to attract a national audience for his marketable blend of soul, reggae, hip-hop and Brazilian jazz. Drawing inspiration from Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Bob Marley and Antonio Carlos Jobim, Mutlu resists pigeonholing with the help of cool grooves and a quick wit. In a session with host David Dye, he performs music from his debut CD, Livin' It.

Mutlu's songs sound foreign and familiar, risky and romantic. Fans outside of Philadelphia got a taste of his music during well-received stints with Amos Lee on Lee's tours in America and abroad. Mutlu's performances ultimately caught the attention of a major label, which recently Livin' It with the help of guests Daryl Hall, Amos Lee and G. Love.

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