Southwest Colorado

Mark Duggan

This week was the fifth anniversary of the Gold King Mine spill. The disaster ignited hope among observers that the many old and abandoned mines around Silverton would finally be cleaned up. Politicians and federal officials promised swift action. But a closer look reveals that at the governmental level, progress is moving very slowly, if at all. KSUT's Mark Duggan has more:

Monsoon moisture is finally arriving in southwest Colorado. But the long-term outlook calls for more drought. KSUT's Mark Duggan explains:

courtesy of Colorado Parks & Wildlife

While you worried about the coronavirus, a familiar presence awoke from its winter slumber and went looking for dinner.

Black bears in southwest Colorado have been active since April. They’re foraging for food and sometimes finding it in trash cans. With many people observing Colorado’s “safer-at-home” order, they could come into contact - and conflict - with bears.

Luke Clancy is the Bear Education Coordinator for Colorado Parks & Wildlife's Durango office. We reached out to him to find out more about the health of our ursine neighbors. And what you can do to avoid meeting up with them in your backyard.