The Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado has been administering the region's Community Emergency Relief Funds, as related to COVID-19.  Tami Graham spoke with Briggen Wrinkle for an update on both their fundraising and two rounds of grant funds to frontline non-profits:


KSUT in partnership with American General Media Presents: C.E.R.F. The Airwaves Online & On-Air Music Festival, April 19-20. This event will benefit the Community Emergency Relief Fund (C.E.R.F) and Four Corners Performing Artist Relief Fund, while providing local entertainment that listeners can enjoy at home. 

The Town of Pagosa Springs is implementing local programs to help boost their local economy during this pandemic. KSUT’s Sarah Flower reports:


KSUT’s Tami Graham spoke with Briggen Wrinkle from the Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado about their efforts to raise and distribute over $100,000 in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis in our region.