Community Emergency Relief Fund mobilizing philanthropy to make a difference during COVID-19 crisis

Apr 7, 2020

Tami Graham with Briggen Wrinkle pictured just a month ago in the KSUT studios. For today's story they practiced social distancing, conducting their interview by phone.

KSUT’s Tami Graham spoke with Briggen Wrinkle from the Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado about their efforts to raise and distribute over $100,000 in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis in our region.

Donate to the Community Emergency Relief Fund here

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the numerous and far-reaching impacts to our region,  KSUT has mobilized a news team to provide coverage of both breaking news and developing stories related to the coronavirus.  Stay-tuned for weekly stories during Morning Edition, Here & Now, and All Things Considered.  Stories will also be available on the KSUT website.