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KSUT to air first radio interview with Edward Snowden


Hear 'Edward Snowden and the Ethics of Whistleblowing' this Sunday afternoon at 5, on the KSUT Sunday Special.
You might think we each have a moral duty to expose any serious misconduct, dishonesty, or illegal activity we discover in an organization, especially when such conduct directly threatens the public interest.

However, increasingly we are seeing whistleblowers punished more harshly than the alleged wrongdoers, who often seem to get off scot-free.

Given the possibility of harsh retaliation, how should we understand our moral duty to tell the truth and reveal wrongdoing?

Should we think of whistleblowers as selfless martyrs, as traitors, or as something else? Do we need to change the laws to provide greater protection for whistleblowers?

The public radio show Philosophy Talk explores these subjects, and more, in an in-depth interview with our era's most renowned whistleblower, former CIA analyst Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden and the Ethics of Whistleblowing, a presentation of Philosophy Talk, airs this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. on the KSUT Sunday Special.