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Maenad Veyl's Menacing, Utterly Danceable 'Liberation' Blasts Into Space

There are two sides to Thomas Feriero: the sleek, summery techno of his Atavism and CW/A projects, best heard at the edge of day. And now something harder and heavier emerges.

The Milan-based producer began Maenad Veyl as a blank slate, and has quickly produced a number of tracks that have turned Feriero's sunset into night. "Liberation" comes from The Acceptance ov Not Knowing — the EP title was inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves. Pulsing a thick and menacing atmosphere, it shares some commonalities with the metal-obsessed synthwave scene (think GosT, Perturbator), but its industrial noise demands your body to move. The video directed by Tomaso Lisca sets the sharp edges of Maenad Veyl to images of clean, crisp machinery about to be blasted into space, closing in a crescendo of sun flares and speeding satellites.

The Acceptance ov Not Knowing is out now via Veyl Records.

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