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Alt.Latino Album Chat: Making Movies Talks Protest Music

The members of Making Movies
The members of Making Movies

Sometimes albums speak for themselves and other times hearing from the artists themselves helps us appreciate the nuances of motivation and influence. The Kansas City based band Making Movies certainly makes music that stands on it's own. Its 2017 album I Am Another You was a finely crafted collection of stories that reflected on the immigrant experience encased in a spectacular musical landscape.

You Are Another Me

But then last month the group released an EP called You Are Another Me. What's up with that? The similar titles? The covers of groups like Los Tigres del Norte, Manu Chao and Tears For Fears?

We chased down the band's lead vocalist and songwriter, Enrique Chi, to find out the story behind this intriguing new record. He was packing his bags to travel from Austin to L.A. to make music, so we had him record himself in his hotel room on his portable recording studio.

It's never a bad thing to have a conversation with a creative mind. We think you'll enjoy this one — the first of what we're calling our Alt.Latino Album Chats — and others to follow this year.

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