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Watch The Wild Reeds' Intensely Emotional New Video, 'Capable'

The heart of "Capable" from The Wild Reeds is spelled out in these lyrics by Sharon Silva: "You're capable of so much more/Than these people give you credit for/And you just need to show it."

Sharon Silva says her close friend, Han-Su Kim, who directed the video for "Capable," understood the song on a deeper level. "It helped me unlock some emotional intensity while shooting," she says in an email. "The video taps into some resentful territory and fear through the imagery that I otherwise wouldn't have detected by only listening to the song.

"Smashing all the glass in the 'fragile room' was the biggest thrill. I had to practice batting beforehand and was so nervous. But once I started I had trouble stopping. It was just the type of the adrenaline rush I get from performing the song, and then some." Fortunately, Nick Phakpiseth, the band's bassist, played some Black Sabbath for her just before the shoot for inspiration.

"Capable" is from The Wild Reeds' latest full-length album, The World We Built, out now on Dualtone Music.

The Wild Reeds is a talented quintet fronted by a trio of powerful singers: Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe and Kinsey Lee. Their 2015 Tiny Desk Concert is a gorgeous representation of their talents.

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