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Marissa Nadler Shares A Morbid Video For 'Janie In Love'

Marissa Nadler inhabits a macabre world full of slow-burning melancholy and laments painted in black and white. Hers is singer-songwriter folk music for a special kind of death-obsessed, romantic Goth.

Nadler's new video for "Janie In Love" is entirely morbid, as she sets her gorgeously handmade animations of people and body parts against a moving winter landscape. As the animations move and change, Nadler tells Janie's story. The song references a catastrophic relationship involving a lover who is a "natural disaster" — in one line, she sings, "You touch and the earth will crumble." It would seem out of place for summertime, but then again, Nadler's the one who released an album called July in the dead of winter.

"Janie In Love" is from Nadler's album Strangers, which is out now via Sacred Bones.

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