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Darlingside, Birds Say, feature CD, 11/20


Darlingside are a Massachusetts-based ensemble whose sound is an eclectic blend of 60s folk, clever wry wit, classical arrangements, soaring harmonies, and a modern indie-rock sensibility. The four vocalists and multi-instrumentalists construct every piece collaboratively, pooling ideas so that each song bears the imprint of four different writing voices. Playful vocal permutations swing from four-part unison to CSNY-inspired group harmonies, underpinned by rich, carefully crafted soundscapes. The final product threads the collective memory of the four songwriters, nodding to the music of their parents’ generation while establishing a sound that is all their own.

On their new CD "Birds Say", Darlingside breathe life into a collection of cinematic, intelligent, and deeply moving songs.  The bands penchant for smashing electronic sounds with traditional acoustic textures often bowed or plucked strings on a bed of ambient guitar swells and self oscillating delays, shines throughout the album.

KSUT will feature the new Darlingside CD "Birds Say", Friday 11/20 at 12 noon.