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KEXP Presents: Mike Krol

When it comes to Mike Krol, it's not three strikes and you're out. For the L.A.-based, Milwaukee-born songwriter, the third time's a charm — or, more to the point, a Turkey. Krol's third album, whose title references the term for bowling three strikes in a row, is a liberating blast of hook-filled garage-rock with smart, reflective lyrics and punkish brevity. (All nine songs span just 19 minutes.)

While he's a bowler at heart, Krol performs as a cop onstage, arresting concert-goers with fire-fringed police uniforms, flashing sirens and prison props. Before his recent show in Seattle, Mike Krol and his band visited the KEXP studio for a fun and captivating set. Watch him perform "Left Out" here.


  • "Left Out"
  • Watch Mike Krol's full performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.

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