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KSUT Sunday Special

The Sunday Special Explores the History and Treatment of Breast Cancer, and the Stories of Survivors


Every year, 230,000 women are told they have breast cancer. About 40,000 will die. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us for the KSUT Sunday Special this week for an hour-long special from the program Best Medicine.

The host, oncologist Ken Miller, explores the latest treatments for breast cancer, as well as its history as a public policy issue.

We also hear about breast cancer's direct impact on women, including the stories of three who speak of the choices they made, from diagnosis to today.

Also on the program, a talk with the inventor of the most significant breakthrough cancer therapy of the last 25 years, and a look at the debate about how often and at what age women should get a regular mammograms.

Best Medicine also explores the history of breast cancer, and how it was once blamed on tight bras and bad sex.

Hear The Best Medicine for Breast Cancer on the KSUT Sunday Special, this Sunday afternoon at 5. 

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