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High and Dry: A Deep Dive Into the Water Crisis on This Week's Sunday Special

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

From the parched California coast to soaring water bills in New York, a new episode of the investigative storytelling show Reveal takes an in-depth look at water issues around the country. Listen this Sunday afternoon at 5.
This week, Reveal reporters track down water guzzlers in the Golden State, where some people are using millions of gallons of water in a year in the middle of a historic drought. But their identities are kept secret.

Who are these water bingers? And why are they allowed to keep their yards green while California burns?


We also explore a fight for clean drinking water that’s been raging for decades along the Texas-Mexico border.

To the west of Texas, we travel to a desert to unveil an aspect of the global thirst for water.


And from the desert, we head to New York City, where the buildings aren’t the only things climbing sky high. Water bills are skyrocketing – what’s behind this and who does it affect?

Listen to Reveal, this Sunday afternoon at 5 on the KSUT Sunday Special.

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