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KSUT Spring Membership Drive

KSUT's 2017 Member T-Shirts Have Arrived


KSUT's 2017 Member T-shirts have arrived and are going in the mail this week.  If you pledged during our recent Spring drive, or you're a sustainer that requested a t-shirt, you can expect them soon. 

Like what you see? Pledge here to get your very own "Heart" KSUT T-shirt, or call us at 970-563-0255 to make your pledge.

The NPR Dog Bowls are also going into the mail this week.

Our custom KSUT mugs are in production.  Generous local potter, Sean "Stew" Stewart has recently returned from Costa Rica and is getting to work on them soon. Check our facebook page for updates on when to expect your mug.

Thanks again for supporting KSUT!