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Candles Burning Brightly, and NPR's Hanukkah Lights, holiday specials airing Sunday, 12/13


Mindy Ratner is host of the holiday favorite Candles Burning Brightly, in celebration of Hanukkah. This year's program — new for 2020 — brings back Theodore Bikel's beautiful reading of Howard Schwartz's "The Lost Menorah," and there's plenty of charming music to highlight the history and traditions associated with the Jewish Festival of Lights. Sunday, December 13, 1:00 PM on KSUT.


From hosts of NPR's Hanukkah Lights Susan Stamberg and Murray Horowitz: "Hanukkah is a time to share light, miracles and faith. It's been a difficult year and these stories will reflect that. They're darker than usual. But we hope the miracle of Hanukkah casts its light through these stories. We think the tales will resonate with you because of their mixture of sadness and strength."

Hear original stories from authors Erica Landis, Magin LaSov Gregg, Anna Megdell, Mikhal Weiner and Lara Pasternak Robicheaux on this year's Hanukkah Lights, Sunday, December 13, at 2:00 PM on KSUT. 

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