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History Live continues; "Durango 1918" on the Ike's America Radio Program, and online

The HISTORY LIVE Durango series continues this week with KSUT's Ted Holteen, host of the Ike's America Radio Program during hour two of his show, Thursday night from 7-9. His readings are also available to listen to online, posted below.

Episode 4, October 1, 2020: Durango 1918, The War and the Peace
Episode 3, September 24, 2020: Durango 1918, The War and the Peace
Episode 2, September 17, 2020: Durango 1918, The War and the Peace

Episode 1, September 3, 2020: Durango 1918, The War and the Peace

The series is co-sponsored by Colorado Humanities and the Southwest Humanities Roundtable. The Roundtable is a coalition of local nonprofit organizations which create and promote HISTORY LIVE every September. Visit their website for information on all of their programs. Ted's show, Durango 1918 is part of that project.     

Special thanks to Spenser Snarr and Daisy Grice from the Durango Public Library for their research, and to Judith Reynolds for writing the scripts.



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