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Pop Culture Happy Hour: In One Year And Out The Other, 2017 Edition

How did your predictions and resolutions for 2016 stack up?

This is the time of year when everybody is making predictions for next year, and everybody is making resolutions for the things they plan to do. But it's a Pop Culture Happy Hour tradition that while we do these things too, we also revisit the ones from last year to see whether we have any ability to know what's going to happen (rarely!) and any tendency to follow through on our own plans (sometimes!). As she has for the last two years, Kat Chow of NPR's Code Switch team sits down with us to check in.

What will the Oscars bring? Did Kat get her dad using Netflix? Just how much is Stephen promising to write? What habit is Glen trying to break? All this and lots, lots more on this special New Year's edition of Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Here's Glen's chart, by the way.

Glen's chart, referenced on this week's show.
Glen's chart, referenced on this week's show.

As always, we close with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about sharing a new show with his kid, Glen is happy about a film that "aches for you to be charmed by it," Kat is happy about an upcoming book you're sure to hear more about, and I'm happy about a feature Glen recently completed and the return of a favorite reality franchise.

Thank you for listening this year, and follow us on Twitter to get good stuff in 2017: me, Stephen, Glen, Kat, producer Jessica, and producer emeritus/music director/pal Mike.

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