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Vetiver: A 'Tight Knit' Folk Sound

Dipped in warm Americana and embodying the naturalism of the San Francisco acoustic scene, Vetiver is the evolving musical outlet of singer-songwriter Andy Cabic. As he tells World Cafe host David Dye in an interview, Cabic moved to San Francisco to attend art school, and it was there he befriended Devendra Banhart and other likeminded experimental folk musicians.

Since then, Vetiver has been at work, touring the world and entrancing audiences with its rootsy style. With changes in its lineup and tweaks to the band's sound, each of Vetiver's three subsequent releases has sounded as organic as the last. The latest, Tight Knit, is no exception. It's more nuanced than past releases, but as Cabic says, "There's still the 'way-homer' vibe that I've come to understand is intrinsic to what I do."

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