Leave No Trace Principles Help Preserve National Parks

May 11, 2021
Arches National Park

What do poor planning, spilling micro-trash, and rock collecting have in common? It’s all behavior to avoid if you’re visiting national Parksplike Arches, Canyonlands, and Mesa Verde. KZMU Radio in Moab recently spoke with a park ranger who breaks down seven principles she says will ensure recreationists leave no trace during their visit.

Less Oil and Gas Revenue Means Fewer Funds for Utah Communities

Dec 28, 2020
Photo by Bill Rau

Revenue from oil and gas in Utah hasn’t recovered since plummeting earlier this year. That means government grants and loans that rely on energy royalties have less in their coffers, just when communities need it the most. Justin Higginbottom with KZMU Radio in Moab reports.

Lucas Turner

About twice a week, oil and gas operators in Colorado’s Piceance Basin file “Form 19” also called a Spill/Release Report with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). Nine times out of 10, the spilled substance is a form of hazardous waste byproduct called produced water.

Chad Reich

This past June, the West Elk Mine punched a mile of road and two drilling pads for methane venting into lands that conservation groups say should be roadless, according to federal policy. Mine operators, however, say their leases for a planned and approved expansion sit underneath the surface of the roadless lands and are not subject to the state's roadless rule.

Hilary Cooper

The town and two other local governments in Colorado are joining the growing ranks of communities filing legal action against fossil fuel companies for their role in climate change. Julia Caulfield with KOTO Radio in Telluride reports on the effect the suits could have even before they’re decided in court.

RMCR Hiring Grants Administrator

Oct 10, 2019

Rocky Mountain Community Radio coalition is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop, promote and support the role of community radio stations through communication with and collaboration of member stations. We support our member stations by: 

●     Producing and distributing of regional programming

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