New Music Friday For June 8: Six Albums You Should Hear Now

Jun 8, 2018
Originally published on June 14, 2018 9:27 am

All Songs Considered's Robin Hilton is joined by NPR Music's Ann Powers, Lyndsey McKenna, and Sidney Madden to talk about June 8's standout albums. Highlights include the candid, introspective rock of Snail Mail, the jazzy, laid-back R&B of British singer Jorja Smith, the sultry pop of Lykke Li, and more.

Featured Albums

  1. River Whyless: Kindness, A Rebel
    Featured Song: "The Feeling Of Freedom"
  2. Serpentwithfeet: Soil
    Featured Song: "Whisper"
  3. Snail Mail: Lush
    Featured Song: "Pristine"
  4. Dierks Bentley: The Mountain
    Featured Song: "Traveling Light"
  5. Jorja Smith: Lost & Found
    Featured Song: "Lost & Found"
  6. Lykke Li: So Sad So Sexy
    Featured Song: "Hard Rain"

Other notable releases for June 8: Sugarland: Bigger, Angelique Kidjo: Remain In Light, Erin Rae: Putting On Airs, Lily Allen: No Shame, Ana Egge: White Tiger, Dave Matthews Band: Come Tomorrow, YOB: Our Raw Heart

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