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Garden Guys: On-site at Manna Gardens

Tom Bartels
Garden Guys

This week, the Garden Guys do the first on-site visit with Brooke Frazer, who is the Garden Manager at Manna in Durango.

Brooke gave us an opportunity to see over 7000 seedling plants they have growing in their Hempcrete greenhouse. The Manna Gardens are prepping for the upcoming seedling sale happening next weekend. She shares some of the varieties that will be available and touches on the history of Manna and the wealth of services it provides for the local community.

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What is Garden Guys?

New episodes of Garden Guys air Saturdays at 12 noon. Each week, Darrin Parmenter and Tom Bartels take a light-hearted look at gardening in the Four Corners and Southwest. Darrin is the Western Region Director at the CSU Extension office, and Tom runs Grow Food Well.Com and is a longtime Four Corners gardener.

Got a question for the guys? Send 'em here. They might have the answers. If not, they'll make something up. It's all in the spirit of cultivating a little fun!

Each week, Garden Guys topics include:

• Growing a diversity of fruits and vegetables in a challenging climate
• Tips on seeding, planting, processing, and eating the bounty around us
• Garden disasters (and how to avoid them)
• Wintering, canning, and

...and more!