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Four Corners Edition, 3/18/22: K-9 search and rescue helps locate the missing on the Navajo Nation; women ranchers are changing the West

On this week's show:

  • We’ll meet the dogs and human handlers behind Four Corners K-9 Search and Rescue.  They work to find missing Native and Indigenous people on the Navajo Nation.
  • We hear about the difficult journey the parents of one Montezuma County woman had to make to get away from Ukraine.
  • And we’ll hear a 3-part series from the Mountain West News Bureau on women ranchers in the West.

Four Corners Edition is a presentation of KSUT Four Corners Public Radio and KSUT Tribal Radio. The production staff includes Ken Brott, Stasia Lanier, and Lorena Richards. Mark Duggan is Senior Producer, Editor, and this week's host. Our theme music was composed and performed by Jonas Grushkin. Additional music is from Blue Dot Sessions.

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