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Four Corners Edition 1/7/21: Sister Helen Prejean on ending the death penalty; repurposing timber for energy-efficient materials

On this week's Four Corners Edition:

  • Sister Helen Prejean in conversation with KSUT’s Tami Graham about her work to abolish the death penalty.
  • A visit to the annual Audobon Society's Bird Count in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley.
  • And a visit to a Durango facility that’s repurposing timber felled during fire mitigation efforts into energy-efficient building materials.

Four Corners Edition is a presentation of KSUT Four Corners Public Radio and KSUT Tribal Radio.

The production staff includes Ken Brott, Stasia Lanier, Sarah Flower, and Lorena Richards. Mark Duggan is Senior Producer and Editor.

Our theme music was composed and performed by Jonas Grushkin. Additional music is from Blue Dot Sessions.

New episodes air Fridays mornings at 8:30.