Maybe April in-studio session Friday morning; Four Corners Folk Fest openers

Aug 26, 2019

Maybe April is the duo of Katy DuBois and Alaina Stacey. Catch them live on KSUT Friday morning at 11:06; and at the Four Corners Folk Festival this weekend. They'll be joined by Forrest O'Connor and Kate Lee of the O'Connor Family Band.
Credit Annette McNamara

Americana duo "Maybe April", featuring special guests Kate Lee and Forrest O'Connor will help us kick off Four Corners Folk Festival weekend with an in-studio session hosted by Jim Belcher, Friday, 8/30 at 11:06 AM.  They'll perform the opening festival set on Reservoir Hill at 3 PM. They'll also conduct a vocal workshop on Saturday. 

Maybe April is the Americana duo of Katy Dubois and Alaina Stacey, currently based in Nashville. Kate Lee and Forrest O'Connor are part of the O'Connor Family Band.  

Tune-in for this amazing live set!  

KSUT in-studio sessions are generously sponsored by 
The Greenery.