KSUT Sessions: Martin Sexton

Feb 24, 2016

Reflecting on his career, songwriting, and more.

Martin Sexton shares a joke while playing live on KSUT.
Credit Mark Duggan

Martin Sexton stopped by KSUT to help us kick off our 40th Anniversary Concert Series. That evening, he played to a sold-out crowd at Durango's Henry Strater Theatre.

Sexton picked up his first guitar at age 14. Eight years later, he left his home in Syracuse, NY to busk in Harvard Square.

By 1991, he'd sold 25,000 copies of his self-released cassettes and built a loyal fan base. Today Sexton regularly sells out venues as large as LA's House of Blues.

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Session notes:
Martin Sexton recorded live on KSUT, October 13, 2015.
Interviewer: Susie B.
Live Mix Engineer: Mark Duggan
Post-Production Engineer: Mark Duggan

A technical note: KSUT Sessions were initially mixed for live broadcast and 'captured' by recording equipment. Post-production sometimes revealed deficiencies unique to the recording. Efforts were taken to reduce such deficiencies, but some are still audible.