Four Corners Guides Launch GoFund Me Campaign to Assist Navajo Elders

May 13, 2020

Jon Yazzie of Dzil Ta'ah Adventures, his bikepacking business in Kayenta on the Navajo Nation, also partners with Four Corners Guides. They've launched a GoFund Me campaign to assist Navajo Elders due to the impact of COVID-19.
Credit Four Corners Guides

Four Corners Guides has a connection to the Navajo Nation through one of their guide partners, tribal member Jon Yazzie, who lives and runs his bikepacking business, Dzil Ta'ah Adventures in Kayenta, Arizona.

Tami Graham spoke with Lizzy Scully, of Four Corners Guides about launching a GoFund me campaign to support Navajo elders in Kayenta, where they're experiencing major challenges due to COVID-19.  

Donate or learn more about the GoFund Me Campaign for Navajo Elders here

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