E-mail Your Lawmakers to Save Public Media Funding

Mar 20, 2019

The President has unveiled the second part of his 2020 budget, which proposes eliminating federal funding for public media.

We must ask our lawmakers to reject this recommendation before it’s too late.

Please take two minutes to email your lawmakers in support of public media funding.

Here’s why the President’s call to eliminate public media funding is a dangerous proposal:
- Federal funding for public media amounts to about $1.35 per American. Studies confirm there is no replacement for federal funding.
- If federal funding is eliminated, local stations could be forced off-air or to cut valued programs and services.
- Rural communities could lose their only source of local media.
- Low-income families with preschool age children could lose their children’s only source of educational media.

There have been calls to eliminate public media funding before. We overcame those challenges by making our voices heard on this important issue.

So, please take action today. Together, we can ensure our local public radio and television stations can continue to serve us with the highest-quality news, educational content, documentaries, public safety and job training services and so much more.

Thanks for your help,

The Protect My Public Media Teamhttps://protectmypublicmedia.org/email-congress/?utm_source=advocates&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Presidents-Budget