Beck, Robyn & the Lonely Island Team Up For 'Lego Movie 2' Song 'Super Cool'

Feb 6, 2019

Everything may no longer be (quite as) awesome as when the first Lego Movie was released, but at the very least, we have a collaboration from perennial soundtrack contributor Beck, reigning pop deity Robyn and the lovable goofs behind The Lonely Island in support for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

Titled "Super Cool," it's an appropriate sequel to the first movie's soundtrack standout "Everything is AWESOME!!!" All parties involved list off synonyms for "super cool" — "unbelievable," "outrageous," "amazing," "phenomenal," "fantastic" and "so incredible" among them — on the song's indelible chorus. "We gotta bring both sides together like champagne and leather," Beck and Robyn duet over a silky-smooth funk line before giving way to a Beastie Boys parody par excellence from The Lonely Island — something of a "Lazy Sunday" sequel that finds them rapping about how great post-film credits are. It's breezy and silly, and about as much as you can ask for a superstar-caliber link-up for a kids' film.

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