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NPR Special Report: COVID-19, What You Need To Know, on KSUT 3/15 at 11 AM


KSUT will broadcast the "NPR Special Report: COVID-19, What You Need To Know" this Sunday, 3/15 at 11 AM.

The new coronavirus has had major global impact, infecting over 130,000 people, and killing roughly 5000. In this special report from NPR News about Covid-19, they give you the information you need on this pandemic - from what the virus is and how to prepare for an outbreak in your community.

Hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro, this special report will feature some of NPR’s strongest reporting on the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The focus is on what we have learned about the virus and its implications for individuals and the American public as a whole, rather than the latest infection numbers and news updates.
In the opening segment, we’ll hear about the science of the virus itself and what is known about how it spreads. Later in the program, we’ll turn to institutional action and how schools, workplaces, and the health care industry are responding. Finally, we’ll hear more about how people can prepare for the virus themselves, with a focus on personal safety measures and household readiness.

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