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Custom Handmade Stand-Up Paddle Board

Congratulations to Jay Lancaster for winning the feature item at KSUT's 19th Annual Member Party and Silent Auction;  a custom handmade stand-up paddle board from San Juan Timberwrights.   This handmade SUP is 14 feet long and 30" wide at it's widest spot.  It is constructed of mahogany and fiberglass with a tough marine varnish.  The board is hollow so it is quite light and has a breathing tube installed so heat expansion is automatically controlled.  It features handmade fins (skags), custom inlaid tail piece, foam deck pads and bungee cord storage on the deck. 

Jay will also get a brand new Werner paddle from 4 Corners River Sports.  The Carve Premium adjustable paddle features laminate fiberglass construction and has a longer more slender blade design which is better for dynamic surfing and turning.  The mid-size blade is gentle on the joints and allows for a faster cadence. The fiberglass shaft adds comfort, control and is lightweight, stiff and durable.

A BIG thank you to everyone who attended and placed bids during KSUT's 19th Annual Member Party and Silent Auction.  We would also like to thank all of our generous donors who make this event possible and our sponsors, First National Bank of Durango and Ska Brewing.  $40,000 was raised to support KSUT!  See you next year for the 20th Annual Member Party, 1st Saturday in November, 2013.

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