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Hear The Marked Men's Unreleased Punk Rager 'Disappear'

The Marked Men's <em>On the Other Side</em> comes out Nov. 23.
The Marked Men's <em>On the Other Side</em> comes out Nov. 23.

The Marked Men will never make another album (or so the band says). It's been 10 years since Ghosts. And yet there's been no shortage of activity from the Texas power-chord punk champs, from sporadic gigs to, well, a lot of equally excellent bands from its members — including Radioactivity, Lost Balloons, Low Culture, High Tension Wires and Mind Spiders.

But now The Marked Men's members have dug into their archives for two unreleased songs, one of which is getting a premiere right here, right now.

A new odds-and-sods compilation, On the Other Side largely features tracks originally released on 7-inch singles. "Disappear" is an in-the-red rager recorded around 2002, which is in line with the straight-ahead punk that The Marked Men made at the time. It's rough around the edges, but the fitful chorus bops at ramming speed, an indicator of the group's unique synthesis of power-pop and punk.

On the Other Side comes out Nov. 23 via Dirtnap.

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