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Boutique Fitness: 27 Songs For Sweating In Style

Just as rósewave encompasses a range of varietals, <em>Boutique Fitness</em> is meant to soundtrack an array of workouts.
Just as rósewave encompasses a range of varietals, <em>Boutique Fitness</em> is meant to soundtrack an array of workouts.

The roséwave lifestyle may be loose and laid back, it's not lethargic. After all, it takes stamina to keep up your social calendar in the summer months. You need endurance to power through fall marathon training and never-ending rooftop happy hours. It takes strength to come out on top in rec league softball and to battle obscene Summer Friday traffic.

Enter boutique fitness. Whether it's barre, ballet or BodyPump, there's bound to be expensive bottled water and apparel that's too chic to get sweaty. Inevitably, it takes place in dimly lit studios with subtle citrus-scented candles. And, of course, there's the soundtrack: inclusive pop-leaning tracks that manage to motivate while keeping even the most sophisticated sporties satisfied. There's no restraint when it comes to hooks, and the BPM has to be high enough to take your mind off the agony of anaerobic exercise.

Just as rósewave encompasses a range of varietals, Boutique Fitness is meant to soundtrack an array of workouts, from the recreational road race you signed up for on a whim to the Sunday morning spin class that you probably should have sat out after one too many pink drinks. It's sequenced to soundtrack an actual workout, with hill climbs and sprints for spin devotees, propulsive tracks for those harsh final miles of a half marathon and a cooldown portion for stretching and foam rolling.

Whether you revel in your runner's high or prefer Pilates, let Lorde's soaring "Green Light" be your mantra. Tap back to Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Side to Side," or pick up the pace and sprint to a new personal record with Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry." Conquer the workout of the day with Kesha's "Woman." Cross the finish line and claim your medal to Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen. Enter savasana to James Blake and Bon Iver's "I Need A Forest Fire." Now take that mindfulness off your mat and to your post-workout brunch – you deserve a glass or two.

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