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The Record Company On World Cafe

The Record Company.
The Record Company.

A couple years ago, The Record Company released its debut album and earned a a Grammy nomination, a few hits, sold-out headlining shows, late night TV appearances — you get the idea — all off the strength of that one record made in bass player Alex Stiff's living room in LA. This is a surprisingly sharp trajectory if you know anything about how the music business works. But it's not surprising if you know how the band itself works. The three members of The Record Company have a winning combination of hustle and heart that's obvious both in their energetic live performances and in conversation.

Singer Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff and drummer Marc Cazorla all joined me to talk about the band's new album All of This Life, their relentless work ethic and the surprising similarities between touring in a rock and roll band and growing up on a dairy farm. The Record Company started off with a live performance of the song "Life To Fix." Hear the conversation in the the player and see a live performance by the band at Non-COMM 2018 here.

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