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Interpol Announce New Album, Share 'The Rover'

Interpol will release <em>Marauder</em> on August 24.
Interpol will release <em>Marauder</em> on August 24.

If you're a band in 2018, you can't just tell the world you're putting out an album. You have to hire skywriters, or etch your new cover art onto the side of a mountain, or fly journalists out to Wyoming for a live-stream or something. You have to make it an event!

So if you just want to know that Interpol is putting out a new album, here are the basics for squares: It's called Marauder, it's out Aug. 24, the first single is called "The Rover" (listen here), and the whole shebang will be produced by Dave Fridmann, who's worked with bands like The Flaming Lips.

Now, if you're cool, you already know about the mural the band unveiled this morning in Mexico City; that's got the album artwork. Maybe you're even live-streaming the band's press conference, held at Mexico City's General Prim 30 and attended by Mexican media and fans. Maybe you're in Mexico City right now, though you'd be forgiven for merely watching via the band's website.

All of this is way better than merely knowing something exists, right? Now, get to listening as instructed!

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