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Math-Rockers Media Jeweler Discover The Key To Success: Hula Hoops

If you're going to name your spindly sugarbomb "Hula Hoop," there better damn well be some kick-ass hula hooping, right? Media Jeweler has seen you, understands you and has got you.

The finger-tapped guitar and crashing bass of "Hula Hoop" does, in fact, lend itself quite nicely to the sinuous movement of its namesake. On its new album, 1-800-SUCCEED, the L.A.-based band mashes circles into square pegs, with bits of jagged post-punk, harsh noise-pop and math-rock, while keeping its songs short and weirdly playful.

For this new video, director Anthony Lucido filmed "flow artist" Amanda Lee (a.k.a. Miss Hoopdidoo, because of course her stage name is Miss Hoopdidoo) doing her hula hoop magic on top of an L.A. building, in sync with Media Jeweler jamming on the street. And well... now we just want more hula hoops in music videos.

1-800-SUCCEED is out now via Fire Talk.

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