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Courtney Marie Andrews On World Cafe

Here's something you don't hear every day: a young person makes a record about the value of kindness and compassion. My guest in this session has done just that. Her name is Courtney Marie Andrews and her latest album is called May Your Kindness Remain.

At first meeting, it's very clear that Courtney is kind. But it's also very clear that she is tough as nails. The singer was raised by a single mom in a blue collar community in Phoenix, Ariz. She taught herself to sing by listening to records and left home at 16 to pursue music. She figured it out on her own, putting out a handful of records in between bartending shifts and other side gigs. And boy, are we glad she stuck it out! Courtney is one of those rare talents that makes you say, "This is the real deal."

Her 2016 album, Honest Life, was self-produced, but her latest album was done in LA with producer Mark Howard, who has worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and U2, just to name a few.

Courtney Marie Andrews and her band started us off with a live performance of the title track from her new album, "May Your Kindness Remain." Listen in the player above.

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