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I'm With Her On World Cafe

I'm With Her
I'm With Her

Each of the artists in today's trio would make a wonderful guest on World Cafe by herself. Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan each have stunning solo albums. Many recognize Sara Watkins name from Nickel Creek, the band she started with her brother and Chris Thile. Aoife O'Donovan is one of the founders of raucous Boston bluegrass band Crooked Still. Sarah Jarosz won a Grammy for her 2016 solo album Undercurrent. Together, they are I'm With Her. And they are here.

Their debut record is called See You Around. Sarah, Sara and Aoife talk about how they got together in the first place and perform live. When each of them breaks out into a solo part, you can hear these three really distinct voices. But when they sing all together, their blend is so on point, they might as well be one person. And they're doing it all around one vocal microphone.

I'm With Her start off with a live performance of the song "Game To Lose." Hear it all in the player above.

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