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Clad In Bridalwear, Lizzo Sings To The Worthiest Possible Object Of Her Affection

Until the NFL announces who's playing the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show — Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z, maybe? — let's just marinate in the fantasy that it winds up being Lizzo, whose July tweetstorm laid out a vision of the world in which we should all wish to live.

But let's say Lizzo joins her favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, in sitting out Super Bowl LII. At least we'll still be able to soak up a new video for her song "Truth Hurts," which — in spite of its shoutout to the aforementioned Vikings — serves up another virtually irresistible slice of self-affirmation and joy. The video may present Lizzo in bridalwear, and even finds her lusting after a shirtless Vikings player (boooooo, go Pack go!), but the song and the video's conclusion all point to a worthier object of her affection: Lizzo herself.

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