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There Are So Many Cute 'Boys' In Charli XCX's New Video

Let's count all of the cute boys in Charli XCX's new video: Bleachers' Jack Antonoff pumping pink weights, D.R.A.M. smashing TVs, Joe Jonas pouting over pancakes, Diplo cuddling with dogs, Mac DeMarco licking a guitar, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig demonstrating good oral hygiene, Wiz Khalifa popping dollar bills. It's nice to know all of these cute boys will have jobs if the whole music thing doesn't work out.

"No boys were harmed in the making of this video," Charli XCX jokes in the YouTube caption for the video, which she directed, blessing us with the gift of endless GIFs to come. After releasing the wide-spectrum pop mixtape Number 1 Angel in March, "Boys" is a catchy piece of electro-fluff that flirts and teases, "I'm sorry that I missed your party / I wish I had a better excuse, like 'I had to trash a hotel lobby'/ But I was busy thinking 'bout boys/ I was busy dreaming 'bout boys."

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