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Goldfrapp On World Cafe

Goldfrapp's new album is <em>Silver Eye</em>.
Goldfrapp's new album is <em>Silver Eye</em>.

Goldfrapp's new album, Silver Eye, is visceral dance music — an album you feel in your body before you process in your brain. The band is Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, who've been musical partners for the better part of two decades. Their debut, Felt Mountain, came out in 2000. It's lush and well-loved, and it was a real breakout for the U.K. duo. In the years since, Goldfrapp has put out a handful of records, and each one sounds a little different. The duo dabbled in Bowie-tinged '80s electronica on Black Cherry, tried out glam pop on Supernature and went pastoral with its last release, 2013's Tales of Us.

With Silver Eye, the musical shape-shifters offer an album that has the electronic spirit of some of their early records, with dark overtones and a bit of glow from the big ball in the night sky: the moon. (That's where the name Silver Eye comes from.)

Hear the complete session, including an interview and songs from Silver Eye, in the player above.

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